Crop Seed

  • We offer the Legend Seed line for corn, soybeans, forages, and sunflowers.
  • We offer the Renk seed line for corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and grasses
  • Bin run rye and other cover crop needs

Food Plot Seed

  • We stock seed for food plots for wildlife. Grass-fed venison anyone? Clovers, brassicas, grasses, buckwheat, winter peas, sugar beets, turnips, switchgrass, radishes, Egyptian wheat, and soybeans.

Lawn & Garden Seed

  • We stock 3 varieties of bulk lawn seed: sun, shade, and a mix
  • Our bulk garden seed from Beans to Zucchini by the scoop or the pound have planted many gardens for years!! Seed potatoes too!
A wide variety of food plot seed options
Todd is mixing and loading another batch of fertilizer.

Dry Fertilizer


Urea, Potash, Pelleted Lime, Ammonium Sulfate, MAP, Super U, Micronutrients, Custom Mixing

Liquid Fertilizer


28, 10-34-0, Micronutrients, Custom Mixing

Crop Protection


Herbicides including Glyphosate, Insecticides, Fungicides, Restricted Use Pesticides (available if licensed)


Soil testing

Grab a bag and pull your own samples or we can grid sample for larger fields to fine tune your fertilization program. We do not stop there but can review your results and help with recommendations.

Grid Sample

Multiple sampling points at each numbered location.

Grid Sample

Application map

More lime or fertilizer recommended in darker locations.

Application Map


We have spreaders available for rent or we can custom apply to your specifications. After hours pick up is often an option if needed.


We can custom spread ag lime for PH balancing.

Personnel with farm equipment in the background

Custom Spraying

We are now even better equipped with a new 120’ boom self-propelled sprayer and a 90’ boom model. Many acres or few we do our best to accommodate your requests. Our operators are certified and have many seasons of experience. Weed control, insect protection, fungicide and fertilizer application. We are ready to roll!