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Come visit us at our store. We sell boots, barn tools, water softener salt, pest control products and much more.


Moline co-op now carries boat docks from Feighner Boat Lifts and Docks!


We offer a wide variety of products. From seed, feed, and weldy feeders to custom mixes bulked or bagged.


Moline Cooperative Milling, established in 1926, is one of the leading milling cooperatives in West Michigan. We provide reliable markets for cash crop producers and feed and agronomy services for farmers. Our goal is to provide high quality goods and services to our customers at reasonable prices. We take pride in our knowledgeable staff. They stay up to date on research and farming practices. Whether you have a few backyard critters and a small garden or feed a thousand head of livestock and farm thousands of acres, we pledge to give you our best effort.


Hubbard Feeds has a long history of providing research-based nutrition products.

We offer a great selection of seed. Choose from one of our suppliers!

Providing quality beef inputs to help producers better serve their customers.


(get field ready)

Weeds are a major problem to Michigan's forage production because they compete with desirable forages for moisture, nutrients, and sunlight. Some weeds are toxic, unpalatable, or injurious to grazing livestock. Many weeds can be controlled with herbicides.


General spray practices can be of benefit to you this growing season and help you control weeds, insects, and diseases to give your crop the best opportunity to produce high yields.


We recommend getting a soil sample done before applying any lime or fertilizer to your acreage. We want to help you find exactly what you need. All you need to do is fill a ziplock sandwich bag with soil from around the acreage you wish to test and bring it into our store.

Products & Services


We manufacture show feeds fresh on the floor for your pigs, calves, and lambs. You can special order any mix in lots of 500# or more for any animals. Check out our 16% goat feed with sunflower seeds mixed in.


Calling all gardeners! Moline Co-op stocks garden seeds in bulk! By the scoop or by the pound, we help make your gardening more profitable.


Wayne Davis Quality Bedding. Wood shavings made in the USA. Premium Kiln dried softwood shaving. Expands to cover 5.0 cubic foot.


We carry a 4 step lawn fertilizer made and packaged here in West Michigan. All four steps include slow released nitrogen to keep your lawn greener longer. An excellent fertilizer at an affordable price. Bagged in 50-pound bags that cover 12,500 sq. feet per bag.


As thrilling as the actual hunt can be, there's also an excitement that comes with planning and planting your land or lease in hopes of attracting and retaining quality game. The most important piece of that puzzle is choosing the right food plots grown from the best seed. We offer a variety of seeds in 1# or 5# bags. Bring the deer to you!


We are making a Non-GMO 16% chicken layer feed. Using locally sourced NON-GMO corn and NON-GMO soybeans. A great option for your flock packaged in 50-pound bags for only $17.99 ea.


on time delivery within a day of the call

When a bitter cold forecast comes to fruition, homeowners are keenly aware of what it takes to keep the house warm. There is no boilerplate answer to choosing the best heating source. Factors such as climate, lifestyle, and budget all play a part in deciding the most practical system.

The cleanliness of your diesel is important. If your diesel fuel is not high quality, it can reduce the lifespan of your equipment and reduce efficiency. You should also look for a fuel retailer that provides a variety of services, especially if you are in a rural location.

We offer you multiple ways to purchase gasoline. We also help you lower costs and centralize your buying with tank monitoring.

We’ve been shaping the future since 1926.


Here’s what our customers have to say.

Bill Hirsch Caledonia, MI

When I bought my farm in 1991, I had a little problem with one of my first loads of feed. The supplier was not much help, so I asked Mr. Tiemeyer who sold me the farm. He said, buy your feed from the Moline Co-op. They will remember your name and treat you right, you are not just a number when you shop at the Moline Co-op. I have been a customer ever since.

Tammy Tullar - Wayland, MI

The folks at the Moline Mill worked closely with me to develop the goat feed I wanted to maximize performance. I have been very successful at all my goat shows ever since.

Jim Schaendorf – Dorr, MI

In the past I was having some troubles with engine life and even had to change fuel filters in the field due to water contamination. The premium additives in their fuel have extended engine life and I have not had a single problem with water in my fuel ever since.

Casey Miller – Jamestown Cattle Company

We have been working with the Moline Mill for 2 years on our feed. They have a knowledgeable staff, are easy to work with and have provided us with timely feed delivery. Now that we have our own retail meat market, feeding our cattle properly is even more critical for our operation.


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Moline Milling Cooperative

Our mill is located in one of the best growing regions in the United States, West Michigan. We bring over 100 years of combined experience to the milling and grain-based food industry. We look forward to serving the needs of our customers in the food and food ingredient markets.

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