Meet the Moline Team

While our staff is generally about 10 employees, we bring over 130 years of combined experience to the milling and grain-based food industry.  Service is especially important to our business, and we strive to treat all our customers like one of our owner members.  Please stop by and tell us your name, we would love to get to know you.

While none of us have been around since 1926, we have staff family members that were here many years before us. It’s a solid group with over 130 years of combined experience working here with decades beyond that committed to agriculture. Working together is important here and, like many small companies, we are often asked to wear several hats throughout the day and the seasons.


Todd Mast

6 Years Experienced


Bob Elzinga

Feed Safety / Roasting & Drying

Bob Elzinga

1 Year Experienced



Emma Brouwer

3 Years Experienced


Customer Service

Kristy Hendriksma

3 Years Experienced



John Hooker

25 Years Experienced


Feed Formulation

Randy Jager

18 Years Experienced


Customer Service

Loretta Jahnke

47 Years Experienced


Marketing & Sales

Pete Phillips

1 Year Experienced



Farm Delivery & Agronomy

Taylor Winger

6 Years Experienced


Farm Delivery

Marc Winters

1 Year Experienced


Agronomy & Facilities Maintenance

Ed Young

25 Years Experienced


Our investment in our people and facilities allow us to provide the best solutions for our member-owners and our community.

About Us

moline mill building

Moline Cooperative Milling, established in 1926, is one of the leading milling cooperatives in West Michigan. We provide reliable markets for cash crop producers and feed and agronomy services for farmers. Our goal is to provide high quality goods and services to our customers at reasonable prices. We take pride in our knowledgeable staff. They stay up to date on research and farming practices. Whether you have a few backyard critters and a small garden or feed a thousand head of livestock and farm thousands of acres, we pledge to give you our best effort.


The Moline Mill has been shaping the local community since 1926. The feed and grain facility were located here to utilize the railroad service for primarily grain and fertilizer transportation. The community has gone through many changes over the last century and the mill has adapted as well to meet the needs of our famer owners as well as other residents.

In 1987 we purchased the church, which is now our office and store and the parsonage next door.  In 2002 we added the grain roaster allowing us to roast corn and soybeans for improved options for feed rations.  Most recently we upgraded our self-propelled sprayer with a 120’ boom unit that matches well with planting widths of many of our customers.

old photo of moline mill

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